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Support structure for business creation projects. Provide know-how, a network and logistics during the first stages of the life of the company. Incubators address companies that are very young or in the course of being incorporated.
Incubators stand out by the services they propose, whether or not they are profitable or by the type of projects they target.
Since the mid 2000s, “second generation incubators” have appeared known as accelerators, offering aid for the creation of a firm in exchange for shares in the new company.


Neologism used in management, contraction of “intra” and “entrepreneurship”. It aims to allow major companies to create internal structures to innovate, to compensate for institutional inertia. It covers either a mechanism by which individuals create a new integrated organisation combining with a major company, or an approach that allows the creation of a special team of employees within the organisation by granting them autonomy and special responsibilities.


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Understanding, discovering, practical implementations