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Digital, urban development and local authorities

The authors

This guide was written by: Laure Criqui, Pierre-Arnaud Barthel and Alexandra Jaunet (Initiatives)

Laure Criqui, Doctor in spatial planning and urban development, is a specialist in international urban development. She works at IDDRI on issues and intervention tools in developing cities and access to essential services.

Pierre-Arnaud Barthel, Doctor in urban planning and development, is project manager and smart city focal point expert of the Urban Development, Planning and Housing Division of Agence Française de Développement.

Alexandra Jaunet has a master’s degree in networked urban services engineering in developing countries. She is a strategy consultant at Agence Française de Développement.

Other contributors

Revision and proof reading: Pierre Barthélémy, Antoine Chèvre, Fabien Gicquelay, Hélène Julien, Gautier Kohler, Elisabeth Krempp, Gwenaël Prié, Nicolas Rouly, Mathieu Saujot and Clémence Vidal de la Blache.

Publishing : Pierre-Arnaud Barthel, Simon Brochut, Laure Criqui, Fabien Gicquelay, Gautier Kohler, Gwenaël Prié, Rémi Robichon.

Graphic design and layout: Anne-Charlotte de Lavergne.

Text revision and Website development: Philippe Laura.

English version: Linda Herbertson.


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Digital, urban development and local authorities