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Suggestion box 17

Driving internal organisational change

  • Organise a creative day-long “sprint” that engages staff who volunteer to work as a “start-up” and submit digital solutions to be tested within the municipality.
  • Devote a small budget to having service providers develop services (applications, software) to test solutions that improve daily work practices.
  • Organise themed work groups (human resources, administrative procedures, land ownership, housing, planning, etc.) to arrange in a hierarchy the transformation actions to be undertaken.
  • Put in place a shared internal server to open municipal or local data to personnel.
  • Promote the use of digital applications for internal exchanges, meetings (collaborative platform, internal chat software, forum for sharing business line information, etc.).
  • Promote the use of digital applications for project management tools and budget programming.
  • Encourage people to join social networks and online groups, and define common digital communication rules for officers.
  • Symbolically reward the departments who improved in performance or efficiency thanks to the use of ICT.
  • Invite entrepreneurs, start-ups or universities to present their innovative methods and the possibilities afforded by digitalization.

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