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Some digital tools for facilitating exchanges

Data production

  • Conversion of paper files to digital format, storage in databases and computer archives
  • Collection of taxes and dematerialised receipts
  • Sensors and connected objects (cameras, etc.)
  • Crowdsourced data

Data analysis and processing

  • Computerisation of manual operations (production of reports, record of salaries, etc.)
  • Inventory of office equipment and document search equipment
  • Record of tax payers in an online municipal register
  • Centralisation of data on a municipal server
  • Geolocalisation of tax payers
  • Creation of integrated operations and control centres

Communication and exchanges

  • Sharing of hard disks, printers and scanners
  • Libraries and electronic archives
  • Internet platforms open to citizens
  • Deadline reminders by SMS
  • Applications for notifying irregularities, recording infringements
  • Conversion of data into re-usable formats
  • Digitalization of legislative documents

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