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Stimulate local economic development

Step 2

Produce a diagnosis: know your local digital ecosystem


The diagnosis must incorporate the dynamics of the formal and informal local economic fabric, the universities, research laboratories and national and international stakeholders in the sector.

In terms of support for the digital economy, local authority mobilisation remains weak, even non-existent. A good starting point would be to take an inventory of the existing baseline:

  • formal or informal organizations or start-ups which often network to exchange experiences, share work spaces, compete in contests or forums that promote initiatives;
  • major national or international companies in the sector which, via calls for projects, can elicit demonstrations of interest from start-ups and small firms (artisanal or not) in the launch phase and the search for technical, commercial or financial backing;
  • universities and educational institutes are organizations which train the sector’s future human resources. Knowing the training paths, skills, professional opportunities and markets the students position themselves on will allow a sketch of the local digital economic fabric.

This analysis of the digital ecosystem must address the financial and commercial constraints of the different stakeholders, to begin to identify the points that block their development, which the local authority could act on.

To grow their business, digital stakeholders also need access to data, on the basis of which they can develop applications and incite new uses. Thus, if the municipality makes existing territorial data available, this can also be a means of furthering creativity (cf. Part C, pillar 3).

Practical exercise

Quick diagnosis of digital maturity of major local economic development actors

Perform a quick diagnosis of possibilities for supporting start-ups

  • What are the national and international programmes, competitions and calls for projects that can rally specific funding for digital innovation?
  • What are the programmes, competitions and calls for projects that can rally funding for the social and solidarity economy?
  • What is the regulatory framework for the creation of small companies (aids and procedures)? On which aspects can the local authority facilitate procedures?
  • Are there, in neighbouring cities and countries, dynamic ecosystems that can serve as a source of inspiration, or even coaches for local start-ups?

Produce a quick diagnosis of the digital maturity of the urban service targeted


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