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Improve relations between local authorities and citizens

Step 3

Identify possible partners and map local civic tech initiatives


Local authorities must play the role of initiator and guarantor of improved relations with citizens.

To develop suitable solutions for local uses, local authorities are the relevant stakeholders for coordinating supply and taking part in defining needs. But citizens, the direct targets of the systems introduced, also have a role to play concerning the dematerialisation of procedures, participation in budget or tax decisions.

Potential interest of the stakeholders for e-governance
Local authority Reduction of internal costs and increased revenue
Creation of new positions and specialised services
Boosting of skills of public agents
Increased transparency, confidence and user satisfaction
State and other public institutions Facilitation of internal communications
Coordination of intra-governmental exchanges
Regulations promoting data openness
Transparency generating confidence
Traditional private firms Transparency and efficiency of public procurement
Facilitation of procedures for registration, statements, paying taxes
Start-ups Methodologies for conducting change
Development of applications and integrated services
Universities Knowledge of what is at stake for public services
Trusted third party in the political arena
Accompaniment of participatory schemes
NGOs Knowledge of citizens’ difficulties
Support for population to master tools
Accompaniment of participatory schemes
Civil society organisations Promotion of a social or political cause
Increase of membership/activists base
Exchange of ideas or resources between organisations
Relay communications to the media
Population Need for information and awareness raising
Confidence in tax collection
Payment facilities
Practical exercise

Mapping stakeholders’ ecosystem

List stakeholders potentially concerned by e-governance

  • Local authorities (municipalities)
  • Traditional private firms
  • Telecommunication sector
  • Digital start-ups
  • Small entrepreneurs and operators (including informal)
  • Stakeholders of the social and solidarity economy
  • NGOs
  • Community organisations
  • Citizens
  • Media
  • Universities and educational institutes

Identify stakeholders particularly likely to be interested in e-governance


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