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Dematerialisation of municipal procedures

A fruitful partnership between a town and a local NGO made it possible to initiate and train public servants for the digitalisation of procedures.

After creating a municipal service to modernise local public action and improve public management in 1990 (CGAM), the city of Mexico launched an e-administration initiative. In 2013, it was a question of dematerialising procedures, up till then a complex, non-standardised set of files on paper, infrequently updated, in order to:

  • reduce management expenditure (standardisation of procedures, no mobilisation of personnel);
  • improve service quality (avoid duplication, regular updates);
  • combat public service corruption (transparency).

PIDES Innovación Social developed the website and trained the local civil servants. This NGO composed of a dozen people, created in 2008, specialises in the development and application of strategies – digital in particular – in collaboration with the local authorities. The platform proposed by the CGAM is compatible with computers, telephones and tablet computers and was developed in two phases:

  • a period of in-house appropriation with the development of an electronic recording system for the procedures (Registro CDMX) and a procedures website (Tramites CDMX);
  • a period of opening of the platform to the general public.

Citizens can exercise control on the follow-up of their dossiers, submit official complaints about civil servants and access an electronic library concerning laws, regulations and other legal documents.

The development of a dedicated application for the electronic payment of taxes and duties (Treasury CDMX) is the next stage in change management and gradual opening of the process to the outside world.

Lessons learnt

  • In-house training and appropriation are necessary conditions for the successful digitalisation of the internal procedures of a local authority.
  • The partnership with a local specialist association allowed the municipality to implement a gradual change management strategy.

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