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Key questions

Key questions 14

Building a local digital strategy

  • Is the territory sufficiently mature: is there an adequate critical mass of start-ups; is the ecosystem already properly structured; is the level of population computer ownership and connectivity high enough?
  • Are digital skills present: are there bodies for development training; coaches or mentors capable of providing support to entrepreneurs; willingness on the part of public employees to make their practices evolve?
  • Are their sufficient financial means: is there a manifest interest on the part of investors; the possibility of obtaining and distributing subsides via calls for projects?
  • Is the regulatory framework stable: what is the regulatory framework for telephone service providers; the legislation on open data; what leeway do local authorities have for defining their rules?
  • Is there a clear vision of digital technology on the territory: is there a proper understanding of the concrete opportunities by sector; the risks, the control measures to be put in place?
  • Are the territory’s problem issues amenable to digital solutions: have the urban problems been clearly identified and listed; is there any data on these problems which can be shared and submitted to the innovators to propose solutions?

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