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Key questions

Key question 7

Define what you want to use digital technology for

Support the production and use of information, and especially data

  • Producing, collecting, storing, processing, analysing and sharing data: which action(s) must the local authority take charge of?
  • Which types of data that are important for municipal development and public action should be given priority: statistics, council decisions, maps, civil registry?
  • For what purposes should the local authority use and exploit the data generated: knowledge, forecasting, controlling, programming?
  • For which users: the local authorities, third party public authorities, the private sector, citizens?
  • What are the limits to be anticipated: data storage capacity, data formats, ignorance of the problems for which there is no data?

Facilitate communication and the exchanges between the stakeholders of the territory.

  • Which priorities: connect the stakeholders who are disconnected, foster the emergence of new stakeholders, encourage new ways of exchanging?
  • Which stakeholders: connected users, vulnerable populations, the private sector, informal sector, the NGOs?
  • To what ends: to raise awareness, consult, open new markets, tax, census?
  • In what form: information campaigns, forums, call centres, social networks, trade services?
  • With what limits: feed the practices that bypass local authorities; develop a supply and demand system that excludes the most vulnerable; dependency on intermediaries?

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