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Fes, Morocco

“E-Fes”: dematerialisation of the civil registry

Online services for civil registry procedures that simplify service delivery and improve municipal management performance.

The Moroccan context is favourable to the modernisation of the authorities, promoted by the monarchy and by the higher echelons of State. The municipality of Fes has been a pilot city in processes for dematerialising administrative procedures.

Back in 2004, the registry office was modernised: an ICT technician was put in charge of setting up an online portal dedicated to digitalizing civil registry procedures (birth certificates, marriage, divorce, death certificates, etc.). The purpose of this joint initiative of the municipality and Al Akhaway University was to create online services to simplify service delivery and issuing of administrative documents for inhabitants. As a complement, interactive digital terminals were installed in the administrations.

In addition to improving dialogue between local authorities and citizens, the platform enabled the development of municipal management performance indicators. The reduction in service waiting time, error rate and repetitive tasks are so many indications of the growing competence and efficacy of the civil servants at the registrar’s office. Municipal services are now subject to citizen evaluation. At the end of 2017, an application called “e-Moukataâ” was tested to allow citizens to access the administrative services and legalise their documents from a distance.

Lessons learnt

  • The partnership of Fes municipality with its university involved quality human and technical resources to manage and continuously evaluate the process.
  • Introducing municipal management performance indicators made it possible to measure improvements in skills and efficiency of the local civil servants.

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