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Guediawaye, Senegal

Decentralized cooperation and participatory planning

Taking advantage of the experience of a city in the North to introduce digital services and spaces for citizen dialogue in a municipality in the South.

Guediawaye is one of four municipalities that compose the agglomeration of Dakar. The different municipal teams launched participatory planning experiments, in particular around projects to encourage the use of digital technology (municipal websites, e-learning, micro-credits, etc.). To provide consistency in the overall development of digital technology in the city, a decentralized cooperation project emerged in 2008 involving the municipality, the agglomeration community of Castres-Mazamet and the University of Toulouse (France).

The French municipality placed its experience and know-how at the service of Guediawaye for the development of a digital platform recognised as one of the major vectors of local development (economic, teaching and research).

Between 2007 and 2010, a first phase enabled the introduction of a pilot GIS GIS Geographic information system: system designed to gather, store, process, analyse, manage and display all types of spatial and geographic data for more efficient management of municipal services and the circulation of mapping for the use of decision-makers and civil society. A collaborative portal was also developed to exchange and pool initiatives of the different categories of stakeholders, make available up-to-date information matching citizens’ needs, and teach them to use the tools (use perceived as unavoidable).

Two other phases were implemented over the 2010-2015 period: one for institutional capacity-building and appropriation of the tools by local stakeholders, the other, funded by AFD, for examining the possibilities of regional spin-offs.

Lessons learnt

The decentralized cooperation mechanisms enabled the development of peer-to-peer learning and capacity-building of stakeholders by adapting a French solution to the needs of a Senegalese city..


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