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Practical exercises

Practical exercise 3

Mapping the stakeholders’ ecosystem

List the stakeholders potentially concerned by the digitalization of a concrete project

  • Local authorities (municipalities)
  • Traditional private firms
  • Telecommunication sector
  • Digital start-ups
  • Small entrepreneurs and providers (including informal)
  • Stakeholders of the social and solidarity economy
  • NGOs
  • Community-based organisations
  • Citizens
  • Universities and educational institutes

Identify the stakeholders likely to become interesting partners for the local authority

  • Which local stakeholders are turning or will turn most easily towards digital technology?
  • What would they gain by developing digital tools: profit expectations, social cause or political reason, generation of new knowledge, enhanced efficiency or democracy?
  • What are the resources of each of these stakeholders that could be rallied for projects with the local authority: financial, technical, human, data?
  • What are the possible means of commitment to make them partners and conduct actions together: visibility and marketing, complementary partnerships, targeting of pilot actions?
Mapping of the stakeholders involved, to be specified depending on the local context
The “layers” of the digital city
Source: inspired by the Inter-American Development Bank, 2016, and the World Bank, 2016

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Practical exercises