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Practical exercises

Practical exercise 7

Clarify expectations about digital technology to facilitate urban and spatial planning

Choose a reason from among the following for having local urban planning informed by ICT

  • Improve predictability of climate and environmental events and their impacts?
  • Ensure integration and consideration of the informal neighbourhoods in local development policies?
  • Better inform about public decisions and thereby revitalise planning practices?

Identify “informal” zones and agree to acknowledge them through mapping

  • Which population groups and neighbourhoods are hardly or not at all taken into account in planning?
  • About which zones is information lacking?
  • What are the limits of emergency responses in the event of a disaster? Which zones are not reachable by these emergency responses?
  • What are the urban challenges, informality or natural disaster, that cannot be digitalized, and how can they nonetheless be included in the decisions?

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Practical exercises