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Practical exercises

Practical exercise 19

Clarify expectations of digital technology to improve relations with users

Choose a reason for undertaking the use of digital technologies in the relations with the citizens

  • Enhanced legitimacy of decisions made, founded on citizen opinion?
  • Accountability of politicians vis-à-vis tax collection and budget allocations?
  • A possibility for the citizen and social movements to express themselves and cooperate on public actions?
  • A reduction in corruption and increased transparency?
  • Facilitation of administrative procedures (time saved for public agents and users)?

Identify the risks of exclusion and the targeted mechanisms to attenuate it

  • Which people have most difficulty entering into contact with government services?
  • Are the obstacles related to distance, cost or the time frames for the procedures?
  • Do they have easier access to dematerialised/online tools?
  • Which digital service design ensures that everyone understands and has faith?
  • Which stakeholders are already working on digital literacy?

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Practical exercises