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Practical exercises

Practical exercise 17

Define a roadmap for encouraging the use of digital tools in local economic development

List the main constraints on the development of start-ups

  • Human resources: are skills lacking in development, innovative methodologies, user design, commercial product design?
  • Technical resources: is there adequate computer ownership, work spaces and connectivity? Is there enough data available?
  • Financial resources: do entrepreneurs have trouble contacting banks and investors, making their products attractive and credible to financial backers?
  • Administrative resources and managers: are procedures too long, complex and restrictive or unsuitable for digital innovation?

Define interventions favourable to innovation

If the aim is to foster the emergence of start-ups, should priority be given to:

  • offering premises and conditions for working and collaboration;
  • facilitating procedures for setting up a business;
  • making sure valuable data is available;
  • calls for projects accompanied with subsidies or seed capital?

If the aim is to boost an existing ecosystem and make openings sustainable, should emphasis be placed on:

  • bringing traditional and innovative economic sectors into contact to develop collaborative solutions via open innovation, forums and trade fairs;
  • training and employment of skilled young people by creating universities/start-up centres;
  • organising competitions around public data to make it more visible and open up markets?

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Practical exercises