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Practical exercise 13

Explicit expectations of digital technology for local economic development

Choose an orientation that represents local economic opportunities for digital technology

You are expecting digital technology to be…

  • An economic development sector in itself which requires support in particular for start-ups that will create jobs and generate innovation.
  • A supply of services to increase performance, appeal and profitability of the existing economic sectors.
  • A means of inciting the appearance of new markets and innovative services not yet identified, in liaison with other development domains (urban service applications, technology innovations).

Identify the risks of exclusion and mechanisms targeted to attenuate it

  • What economic activities and business lines could be threatened by the introduction of digital technology?
  • Which groups of clienteles could lack access to the new digital markets? For what reasons (price, accessibility, type of services proposed)?
  • Who might the start-ups be in competition with?
  • How can we encourage the traditional economy stakeholders to follow and collaborate with the new digital technology economic stakeholders?
  • How can we support the traditional economy stakeholders in their own digitalization?

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Practical exercises