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Practical exercises

Practical exercise 20

Perform a quick diagnosis of possibilities and progress of digital technology in the relations between local authority and citizens

Produce a quick technical diagnosis of local authority maturity on this domain

  • What is the rate of household ownership of telephones, smartphones, tablets and computers? How is this penetration rate distributed over the territory?
  • What municipal spaces already offer the general public Wi-Fi access?
  • Which procedures and data are already dematerialised or available online?
  • Which documents and statistics have already been scanned?
  • Which teams or public agents are most familiar with digital technology and oriented towards innovation?

Produce a quick diagnosis of possibilities and limits offered by the national regulatory framework on e-governance

  • What are the national and international programmes, competitions and calls for projects that can help to fund improvement actions?
  • What are the national programmes for dematerialisation of procedures?
  • What are the possibilities for setting up participatory processes?
  • What are the regulations on personal data and online administrative files?
  • Are there any legal methods for paying taxes by mobile or online?

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Practical exercises