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Practical exercises

Practical exercise 4

Identify quick, easy pilot actions to test the approach

List pilot actions that are simple and fast to meet demand and uses

Support the production and use of data information

  • Target a test action the municipality will take in charge either for production, collection, storage, processing, analysis or sharing
  • Target a type of data to be digitalized to improve the targeted service
  • Target the goal assigned to each test action: knowledge, forecast, control, and programming?
  • Identify the users of each test action: internally, third party public authorities, private sector, population?
  • Anticipate obstacles to each test action: storage capacity of an exponential quantity of data, harmonisation of data formats, etc.

Improve communication and exchanges between the stakeholders of the targeted service

  • Which stakeholders are the main beneficiaries of each test action: connected users, vulnerable population, the private sector, informal sector, NGOs?
  • Which priorities should be given to each test action: connect stakeholders who are not in contact, foster the emergence of new stakeholders, encourage new ways of exchanging?
  • What is the aim given to each test action: raise awareness, consult, open new markets, tax, inventory?
  • In what format should the communication be targeted for each test action: information campaigns, forums, call centres, social networks, merchant services?

Define the experimental scope of the actions

  • On each test action, which part of the territory is targeted?
  • On what user perimeter for each test action?
  • With what amplitude? Identify a specific problem, sector niche, pilot project, an action integrated into a zone.
  • Using a digital tool: a service application, sensors, the dematerialisation of a procedure?

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Practical exercises