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Practical exercises

Practical exercise 10

Identify quick, easy pilot actions to test the digitalization of urban planning and local risk management tools

Identify a priority urban planning challenge that can be tackled with a digital solution

In a “normal” situation, the creation of data, statistics and maps aims to enable:

  • easy land ownership regularisation of precarious neighbourhoods?
  • identification of the lack of public facilities to be provided?
  • identification and forecast of urban sprawl?
  • anticipation of the impacts of disasters on the population, on the infrastructure?

In a crisis situation, digital tools must facilitate communication between:

  • emergency, civil defence and health services?
  • population and authorities to inform them? To provide first aid?
  • NGOs and public authorities to coordinate?

Define an experimental scope for testing the solution

  • Which zones suffering from a deficit in development are a priority?
  • Which pilot zone can I test to digitalize my zoning plan and land registry map?
  • Which public facilities are the most vulnerable in the event of a disaster?
  • Which are the longest urban development procedures or emergency response procedures?

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Practical exercises