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Practical exercises

Practical exercise 8

Produce a quick diagnosis of digital maturity of the tools for urban planning and local risk and disaster management

Examine the possibilities and limits offered by the data regulatory framework

  • What are the national and international programmes, competitions and calls for projects that can rally specific funding for urban and participatory mapping?
  • What is the responsibility of the local authorities on data and maps?
  • How does the administrative scope of the authority correspond to urban sprawl? What are the existing means of coordination for covering the territory?
  • What is the national framework on data security and protection?

Establish a technical diagnosis on existing data and maps and their quality

  • List the statistic databases available, geolocalised or not.
  • Evaluate the digital status of the municipal land map and associated registry.
  • Identify the mapping initiatives and stakeholders who possess field data (NGOs, universities, other municipal services such as civil defence, for example).
  • Estimate the quality, relevance, extent of updating and compatibility of this data, and identify the gaps to be filled.
  • Define the media (background map), formats, main software used locally and inexpensive.

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Practical exercises